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If you don’t have an iPhone but still want to join in on the action from your smartphone, that’s no problem! There are tons of great Android phones out there. However, Apple’s expertise in mobile software gives it an edge in many areas, including video chat.

FaceTime, the native video app for iOS, is a solid program optimized to shine and is quickly becoming a generic verb like Xerox. You don’t video chat with someone, you use FaceTime.However, this is not possible with an Android phone. So what should Android users do? That’s the beauty of the open marketplace of ideas, the Google Play Store.

If you need an alternative to FaceTime on Android, you have not just one, but several to choose from. We tested the best candidates to compare them based on price, reliability, limitations and features.


Google Chat

3.0 Good With recently added video and audio calling features, Google Chat in Gmail has replaced Google Hangouts as an out-of-the-box alternative to Google FaceTime and is a great tool for video calling and text messaging. One of its best features is that it is cross-platform and linked to your Google ID.

This means that not only does Chat work seamlessly on any Android phone, but you can also bring it to your desktop computer, even a Linux or Mac computer. Gmail’s native chat apps have had different identities over the years (including Google+, but we don’t talk about that) and the team has improved them greatly over time.

Chat enables easy personal connections on Android and iOS devices. One of the advantages of Hangouts over FaceTime is the ability to manage data latency. Apple recommends using FaceTime when connected to a wireless internet connection. Chat handles standard mobile data speeds much better. Plus, voice calls with other chat users are completely free.

If you have an Android phone, you’ll also need a Google account – it’s the key to all of the company’s many services, including chat.Keeping your address book organized will help you consolidate all of your message streams into one easy-to-understand stream. Alternatively, Google Meet is Google’s most professional video conferencing app and may be a better option for teams.



When you think of video chat services, Skype is the grizzled granddaddy that still survives. First launched in 2003, the system shared a backend with music sharing system Kazaa (remember music sharing systems?). It grew steadily until it was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 to replace Windows Live Messenger. Sure, that makes it the default email client for Windows phones, but the Android versions are pretty solid. Previous versions of Skype for Android did not integrate well with your mobile device’s address book, making it difficult to add contacts. In 2014, with the 5.0 update, it was finally harmonized with the Android ecosystem, allowing access to existing content. This simple change has helped Skype rise to a higher position among video chat services on Android. Skype video chat services work in different bandwidth situations and constantly monitor call quality.You can evaluate the connection later and depending on the hardware you use for the video call, the video can be transmitted in HD. Skype Basic accounts are free and allow unlimited one-on-one video calls on every supported platform. Skype previously charged a subscription fee for multi-user video chats, but group chats are now included in the basic service. Calls to non-Skype Phone users will continue to be billed per minute or on a monthly basis.



If you’re looking for a complete FaceTime alternative for Android and have friends willing to collaborate, check out Tango. The app launched in 2009 and unlike the other offerings on this list, Tango’s primary platform is Android. While there are versions for iOS and Windows phones, Google’s operating system is native to them.

This means hardware optimization is at its peak, ensuring a smoother user experience and better call quality. You can use your Wi-Fi device to communicate with any of Tango’s 200 million users without needing a cellular connection.

The service supports voice calls, video calls, text and image chats. The accounts are free and the sign-up process is quick and easy. If you want to encourage your friends to collaborate, Tango lets you send them text messages and emails asking them to sign up for the service. If everyone you want to talk to uses Tango, it’s a solid all-in-one communication tool.

Please note that unlike other services, Tango video chats are only one-on-one conversations. The creators of Tango present their application not only as a means of communication, but also as a full-fledged social network. This means a public profile and a news feed, games, stickers and other extras. If you’re looking for something that offers video calls like FaceTime but much more, Tango could be the solution.



4.0 Excellent Viber started as an audio and text messaging app, but the development team quickly realized they needed to add features to compete in a crowded market. First, the team added audio chat and then introduced a video chat feature in 2014. One of the best things about Viber is its clean and intuitive design. While Skype and Hangouts feel like outdated desktop apps that have awkwardly transitioned into mobile experiences, Viber was built from the ground up for your phone screen.In 2013, Viber received a desktop app, but the company continues to focus on mobile devices. Viber’s biggest weakness is its inability to communicate with users outside of its service. Unlike other platforms that use the SMS protocol, Viber does not allow sending messages to contacts who are not Viber users. We hope Viber fixes this issue. The service has over 280 million users worldwide, so it is not a niche product.


Zoom meetings

4.5 Excellent It couldn’t be better. Zoom meetings are 039; Selection of video conferencing tools. Our review praises the “outstanding performance at a reasonable price.” Anyone who works from home is probably already used to making Zoom calls from their computer several times a day.Luckily, Zoom Meeting is also available for Android and is called Zoom Cloud Meetings. It’s easy to use, offers a generous free account, and offers excellent performance. In addition to our full Zoom meeting review, we’ve written a handy guide to getting started with the services, as well as top Zoom tips for better video conferencing in a lockdown world. If you’re new to Zoom meetings, you’ll also want to know how to lock meetings to prevent others from Zoom-bombing or filling your video conference with spam, pornography, or worse. Read “How to Prevent Zoom Bombing.”

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