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Microsoft is integrating Bing Chat into the main SwiftKey app for Android and iOS, making it easier to access the AI ​​chatbot when using other apps like Google Chrome. , UPDATE 4/13: In a new update, AI-powered Bing Chat is now available in the main SwiftKey app for iOS and Android. This feature also adds traditional Bing search and a sound feature that can help you write more professional-sounding text.

However, sound and chat mode requires access to a Microsoft account, which must also have access to Bing preview. You can get a preview of Bing by browsing Microsoft’s waiting list. Original story 04/06: Want to use AI-powered Bing Chat with third-party Android apps? This is now possible thanks to Microsoft’s SwiftKey virtual keyboard app.


On Android, Microsoft is currently integrating Bing Chat with SwiftKey, which Redmond acquired in 2016. “Slow implementation. Join the Beta Channel to get a taste of what’s to come,” Pedram Rezaei, director of mobile and enterprise technologies, wrote on Twitter today.However, the integration goes beyond the keyboard app. In fact, SwiftKey can be used with all third-party Android apps including Google Chrome, Gmail and Facebook.

All you have to do is start typing in any third-party app. SwiftKey appears with an icon that leads to Bing based on ChatGPT. A window will then open at the top of the Android app where you can ask questions in Bing Chat. There is a button next to each answer that allows you to copy and paste the chatbot’s answers into your third-party Android app. The integration further expands Bing Chat’s reach after Microsoft notably restricted the chatbot’s access to its Edge browser on desktop and mobile devices.

The downside is that you only have access to the SwiftKey integration if Microsoft has already invited you to preview Bing Chat. Access this feature by downloading SwiftKey for Android Beta for free from the Google Play Store. SwiftKey is also available for iOS, but does not yet support Bing integration.


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