Improve your privacy with a VPN for your Android mobile device.

We tested the top competitors to help you choose the best Android VPN for your needs. This Week’s Best VPN Deals* ProtonVPN – PCMag Exclusive: $3.99 per month (60% off two-year plan) Private Internet Access VPN – $2.11 per month + 3 months free (82%

Discount on two-year plan) NordVPN – Black Friday deal: $2.99 per month + 3 months free (up to 69% off 2-year plan) Surfshark VPN – Black Friday Deal: $2.21 per month + 3 months free (86% off 2-year plan) Plan) ExpressVPN – $6.67 per month + 3 months free + 1 year Backblaze (49% off 1 year plan) Atlas VPN – $49.21 per year for 2 year plan – 86% discount and 6 months free! When you connect to a virtual private network, or VPN, your internet traffic is routed over an encrypted connection to a server hosted by the VPN service.

The watcher sees all your internet traffic (and that of other VPN clients) coming and going to the VPN server, not your Android device. Additionally, if you are connected to a VPN, your real IP address will be hidden. All an advertiser or spy will see is the IP address of the VPN server. This protects your privacy, but also makes it difficult to detect your location since IP addresses are geographically distributed. All of this helps protect your online privacy.Advertisers and companies want to know your habits, but a VPN makes it harder for them to track you online.

A VPN for Android also prevents your ISP from seeing what you’re doing, which is good because they also want to make money from your data. Read on to discover the best VPNs for Android we’ve tested. Then you’ll find everything you need to know to choose the right app for your needs.


Proton VPN

Why we chose it ProtonVPN is feature-rich at a very affordable price and offers the best free subscription. The particularly nice features include a kill switch and NetShield, Proton’s advertising and tracking blocker. We were pleased to find that the Android app translates the ProtonVPN experience well to mobile devices. Who it is For VPN users on a budget. Try the VPN by downloading the free version of Proton VPN and upgrading to the paid version once you get the hang of it. Advantages Best Free VPN subscription Many extended data protection tools Great respect for the privacy of customers Elegant and accessible client Excellent speed tests Consolation of Chromeos Free version more than 500 server simultaneous VPN connections

Mullvad VPN Why We Chose Mullvad VPN has an amazing account system that is privacy focused. We find the Android app’s simplicity a bit more accessible than the desktop client. The app has few features but works efficiently and reliably to maintain your VPN connection. Who is the offer aimed at? Mullvad VPN is aimed at those looking for basic VPN coverage without having to provide sensitive personal information. Other bonuses include advanced features like multi-hop and port forwarding. PROS Affordable No email address or account information required Radically transparent Multi-hop, split tunneling and port forwarding CONS Cumbersome desktop interface Servers in a limited number of countries Pay-as-you go system – You may confuse some customers



Why we chose NordVPN With a large server network and an impressive collection of privacy tools, NordVPN is unbeatable. The Android app offers many of the service’s best features, some of which are exclusive to mobile devices. Who it’s for Experienced VPN users get the most out of a NordVN subscription. Features like Meshnet’s unique offering are nice, but can be confusing for anyone unfamiliar with using a VPN. ROS Multi-hop, split tunneling and Tor connections Excellent design Traffic routing and file sharing with Meshnet Built-in antivirus tools CONS Expensive Poor malware blocking results Limited usability of free traffic routing Meshnet SPECIFICATIONS Free version Over 500 servers Simultaneous VPN connections 6


Surfshark VPN

Why we chose it Surfshark VPN offers almost all the privacy features you need. Existing customers will be pleased to know that the service’s excellent design is carried over to Android. Who is that? For , privacy-conscious VPN users will appreciate Surfshark’s wealth of tools to keep their traffic habits private. Surfshark also has the largest server presence in the world, giving you endless connection options. PROS Unlimited concurrent connections Large presence of global servers Multi-hop and split tunneling tools Fascinating potential in Surfshark Nexus CONS High monthly price Some IP rotation issues during testing Privacy policy should be clarified SPECIFICATIONS Free Version 500+ Servers Unlimited Simultaneous VPN Connections

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